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Crimson Neo Lightspeed Ranger
Alphonse "Al" Lawrence
Gender: Male
Season: Lightspeed Rescue
Color(s): Crimson
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Hello Kalos Region!
Last Appearance:
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"Crimson Ranger, Rescue ready!"

Alphonse "Al" Lawrence is the Crimson Neo Lightspeed Ranger. He is also the younger twin brother of Edward Lawrence, the Red Neo Lightspeed Ranger.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Alphonse was born in Mariner Bay at the same time as Edward. He is the younger brother of Edward Lawrence. Unlike Henry, Alphonse is a pro basketball player at Mariner Bay High.

Power Rangers ForeverEdit

Al first appears in New York City where he and his team where in Beatrice's Estate. He accepts that his predecessor is the current Crimson Lightpseed Ranger where Henry is supposed to be retired from Ranger duties. He became the Crimson Neo Lightspeed Ranger after Commander Adams told the current Rangers to quit include the chosen ones. He is the older twin brother of Edward Lawrence.


He is Caucasian, with short brown hair. He wore a dark red shirt with blue tracksuit. He also wore dark red shoes and orange socks. He also have a special necklace giving by Liz. He is seen with a Lightspeed Rescue jacket. At the beach, he wore a dark red swimming trunk.



  • Rescue Blaster
  • Rescue Morpher
  • Battle Booster
  • V-Lancer
  • Crimson Lightspeed Cycle


  • He is similar to Daiki Aoime, Too Academy's basketball player.
    • His birthday on August 31 and his blood type is B
    • He is one of the famous basketball player in junior high
  • He is similar to Tetsuya Kuroko, Seirin's basketball player
    • He has a puppy named Shadow as Kurko named his puppy Tetsuya #2
  • Character Songs Includes: