Austin Solomon is an ally of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Character History 

Early Life

Austin Solomon was born in Mariner Bay on July 20, 1993. He is the cousin of Kimberly Hart. He was adopted to the Grayson's family at the age of 4. 


Henry is Japanese Asian, with short black hair. He wore purple shirt with blue pants. He also wore red shoes and white socks. At the beach he wore purple swimming trunk.


He help his friends and family whenever they are in trouble.

Soccer Moves

Austin Solomon


On Hand

  • Austin's Empoleon 
  • Austin's Jolteon 
  • Austin's Salamence
  • Austin's Latios 


  • He and his adopted brothers, Carter & Henry are on the same soccer team.
  • He is based on Suzuno Fuusuke (Gazel).