Beatrice's Estate is a location in Brooklyn, New York and a commander center in Power Rangers Forever


It is home to the principal of the famous Dogwood Park Junior High. It is a mansion with three floors and a basement. On the first floor, it has a kitchen, a living room and a library. On the second floor, it has 19 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. On the third floor, it has 20 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. In the basement, it is a laboratory with computers and a zord bay. Usually after school, her students come here to relax and help her with her stuffs like the megazord and the equipments.

In Power Rangers Forever and Power Rangers United, all Power Rangers and Beatrice's former students lived here for the battle for the Earth. Her home is the commander center. She has three soccer fields and a pool (not mention yet.)

History Edit

Beatrice's ancestors lived here for 90 years. Daniel's ancestors built the estate for 90 years and Daniel's dad rebuilt the estate to add a commaner center. 

Significant ResidentsEdit

  • Beatrice Delgavio- the owner of Beatrice's Estate 
  • Daniel Delgavio-Beatrice's father
  • Alan Delgavio- Beatrice's older son