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Main teamsEdit

These teams of Power Rangers are the basis and protagonists of their series.

Alternate reality teamsEdit

List of TeamsEdit

This team lists the main rangers from each season along with other teams they form from or encounter.

Series Order Protagonists Subgroups Other Groups Past Rangers Antagonists
Mighty Morphin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (team) Aquitian Rangers Wild West Rangers Dark Rangers,
Mutant Rangers
Zeo Zeo Rangers Aquitian Rangers
Turbo Turbo Rangers Aquitian Rangers Shadow Rangers (Turbo),
Crash & the Creeps
In Space Space Rangers Aquitian Rangers Psycho Rangers
Lost Galaxy Galaxy Rangers Psycho Rangers
Lightspeed Rescue Lightspeed Rangers Cyborg Rangers
Time Force Time Force Rangers Quantum Ranger Evil Power Rangers Time Force
Wild Force Wild Force Rangers Veteran Red Rangers Shadow Rangers (Wild Force)
Ninja Storm Ninja Rangers Wind Rangers
Thunder Rangers
Thunder Rangers Evil Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Dino Thunder Dino Rangers
S.P.D. SPD Rangers A-Squad Rangers
B-Squad Rangers
Sky's father A-Squad Rangers
Mystic Force Mystic Rangers Koragg
Evil Power Rangers Mystic Force
Operation Overdrive Overdrive Rangers Retro Rangers Evil Dark Clone Power Rangers
Jungle Fury Jungle Fury Rangers Spirit Rangers Camille, Jarrod
Spirit Rangers
RPM Ranger Operators
Samurai Samurai Rangers Ancient Samurai Rangers/Shogun Rangers
Megaforce Mega Rangers

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