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Dino Charge Intro
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Dino Charge
Song Type: Opening Theme
Rights currently with: Saban Brands
Year produced: 2014
Production Order
Megaforce Intro

This song is an opening theme (OP) for Dino Charge. It was performed by .

The Dino Charge intro is the first and only known song used as the intro theme to Power Rangers Dino Charge. The song was first leaked on Thanksgiving Day 2014 through the Power Rangers Scanner App, and was subsequently ripped and posted onine by Power Ranger blogging site No Pink Spandex.

The song is a resample of Go Go Power Rangers, much like how Megaforce and Samurai were remixes of it. However, it features an additional verse to the song and some extra lyrics, reminiscent of the remix used for Power Rangers Zeo.


Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers, Power Rangers

In a world full of strife
We must fight to survive
Try to break the chains that divide
There is only one chance
To take the right stance
Hold tight, keep our powers alive! 

Go, go Power Rangers!
Don't you ever stop!
Go, go Power Rangers!
You will rise up to the top!
Rangers forever, Dino Charge altogether!

Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers Dino Charge!

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