Gender: Female
Season: Astro Squad
Color(s): Gold
Homeworld: KO-35
First Appearance: Zhane's Destiny
Last Appearance: TBA
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Kazia of KO-35 is the younger sister of Andros and Karone, and the Gold Astro Ranger.


Kazia was a baby when her older brother was kidnapped by Darkonda. With her sister growing up focused on finding Andros one day, she tended to feel ignored, and overcompensated for it by trying to become an expert in everything Karone or her parents brought up. She originally wanted to become the Red Astro Ranger, but those in charge decided that her talents were more suited to the Gold Ranger powers, since like the Silver Ranger they were more independent than the main team.

During the invasion of KO-35, Kazia ended up shepherding a group of refugees offworld, and stayed with them to protect them for a long time. She managed to reopen radio contact with her sister, but they only reunited when she and her new team stumbled across the survivors. Zhane volunteered to stay with the refugees, and with this opportunity Kazia returned with her sister.

When the possibility that their current enemy Asteron might be their long-lost brother arose, Kazia denied it vehemently, sure her sister was just projecting what she saw as an unhealthy obsession. As the facts fell into place, Kazia was forced to admit that Asteron was Andros, but still had trouble forgiving him for everything he'd done in that persona. When Dark Specter took him back, Kazia reacted badly, channeling her anger into a single-minded desire to take Dark Specter down no matter the cost. Although it resulted in some nasty collateral damage several times, her drive enabled her to fight off the United Alliance of Evil's forces despite losing her Zord and a great deal of her arsenal. She was finally captured after becoming too exhausted to fight, but the power struggle within the United Alliance of Evil meant she was left alone for the time being.

The next thing Kazia knew, an energy wave went through the ship and her guards were reduced to sand. Getting out, she found Karone and the now-dead Asteron. This finally managed to get through to her, just in time for Karone's tears to revive Andros. With them and Zhane she agreed to stay with the other Rangers.


  • Digimorpher