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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (often abbreviated as "MMPR") is a live-action television and movie series based on the Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, literally Dinosaur Squadron Beast Ranger and often abbreviated as Zyuranger (after the Kunrei-shiki romanization). Although Zyuranger was the main Sentai used for MMPR, it also uses elements (mecha and monsters) from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, literally Five-Star Squadron Dairanger, in its second season and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, or Ninja Squadron Kakuranger, in it's third season. At the time, the Super Sentai genre was one of Japan's hottest tokusatsu properties, and Haim Saban seized an opportunity to adapt it for American audiences.


Power RangersEdit

Mighty Morphin Power RangersEdit

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Color Role
White Ranger Tommy Oliver
Red Ranger Jason Lee ScottRocky DeSantos
Black Ranger Zach TaylorAdam Park
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
Yellow Ranger Trini KwanAisha Campbell
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann HartKatherine Hillard
Green Ranger Tommy OliverTom Oliver
Navy Ranger Frank Oliver
Crimson Ranger David Lee ScottJim DeSantos
Purple Ranger Devin TaylorStone Park
Cyan Ranger Roger Cranston
Gold Ranger Jenny KwanShammel Campbell
Orange Ranger Sally Ann HartAmber Hillard
Silver Ranger Frank OliverFranklin Oliver

Wild West RangersEdit

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Color Role
Red Wild West Ranger Rocko
Black Wild West Ranger Abraham
Blue Wild West Ranger William
Yellow Wild West Ranger Miss Alicia

Mighty Morphin Alien RangersEdit

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Color Role
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus


Ninjor Ninjor
Masked Rider Dex Stewart



Power Rangers VillainsEdit


Masked Rider VillainsEdit


Main Articles: Arsenal (MMPR), Arsenal (MMPR2), and Arsenal (MMPR3).

  • Power Morphers: Used by the teens to morph into their Power Ranger forms.  Powered by magic power coins.
  • Dragon Dagger: Green Ranger's weapon used in combat, and also to summon and control the Dragonzord.
  • Blade Blaster: Standardized Ranger weapon.  Can be used as blaster or short sword.
  • Saba: White Ranger's sentient, talking sword. Used to summon and control the White Tigerzord. Also has the ability to fly and fire laser blasts from his eyes in combat.
  • Shark Cycles: Shark-themed motorcycles used for rough terrain.
  • Metallic Armor: Special armor created for battling an improved breed of Tenga Warriors. Enhances the Rangers' speed, strength, resistance to injury and resistance to magic spells.
  • Power Cannon: Giant bazooka that fires loadable spheres of energy.
  • Power Weapons: Five individual weapons that can combine into the Power Blaster for powerful attacks. Red Ranger uses the Power Sword, Yellow Ranger uses the Power Daggers, Blue Ranger uses the Power Lance, Pink Ranger uses the Power Bow, and Black Ranger uses the Power Axe.
  • Sword of Power
  • Sword of Light: A sword that acts as a transfer conduit in order to confer the Rangers' powers between individuals.
  • Sword of Darkness: A weapon temporarily wielded by the Green Ranger while under Rita Repulsa's control.  Believed destroyed, but the Sword (or a facsimile) returned on several occasions.
  • Power Coins: Source of the Ranger's power.  When inserted into Power Morphers, gives each teen the ability to morph into Power Rangers.  Also allow access to Zordon's Command Center.


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Rangers ZordsEdit

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Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • Thunderzords
    • Red Dragon Thunderzord (Red)
    • Lion Thunderzord (Black)
    • Unicorn Thunderzord (Blue)
    • Griffin Thunderzord (Yellow)
    • Firebird Thunderzord (Pink)
    • Tiger Thunderzord (Gold) 
  • Thunder Megazord (combination of Thunderzords)
  • White Tigerzord (White)
  • Mega Tigerzord (combination of Unicorn, Lion, Griffin and Firebird Thunderzords & White Tigerzord)
  • Tor the Shuttlezord
  • Thunder Ultrazord (combination of Thunderzords, White Tigerzord & Tor)

Season ThreeEdit

Evil ZordsEdit

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Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Day of the Dumpster (pilot)
  1. Day of the Dumpster
  2. High Five
  3. Teamwork
  4. A Pressing Engagement
  5. Different Drum
  6. Food Fight
  7. Big Sisters
  8. I, Eye Guy
  9. For Whom the Bell Trolls
  10. Happy Birthday, Zack
  11. No Clowning Around
  12. Power Ranger Punks
  13. Peace, Love and Woe
  14. Foul Play in the Sky
  15. Dark Warrior
  16. Switching Places
  17. Green with Evil Part I: Out Of Control
  18. Green with Evil Part II: Jason's Battle
  19. Green with Evil Part III: The Rescue
  20. Green with Evil Part IV: Eclipsing Megazord
  21. Green with Evil Part V: Breaking The Spell
  22. The Trouble with Shellshock
  23. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  24. The Spit Flower
  25. Life's a Masquerade
  26. Gung Ho!
  27. Wheel of Misfortune
  28. Island of Illusion, Part I
  29. Island of Illusion, Part II
  30. The Rockstar
  31. Calamity Kimberly
  32. A Star is Born
  33. The Yolk's on You!
  34. The Green Candle, Part I
  35. The Green Candle, Part II
  36. Birds of a Feather
  37. Clean-Up Club
  38. A Bad Reflection on You
  39. Doomsday Part I
  40. Doomsday Part II
  41. Rita's Seed of Evil
  42. A Pig Surprise
  43. Something Fishy
  44. Lions & Blizzards
  45. Crystal of Nightmares
  46. To Flea or Not to Flee
  47. Reign of the Jellyfish
  48. Plague of the Mantis
  49. Return of an Old Friend Part I
  50. Return of an Old Friend Part II
  51. Grumble Bee
  52. Two Heads are Better than One
  53. Fowl Play
  54. Trick or Treat
  55. Second Chance
  56. On Fins and Needles
  57. Enter... The Lizzinator
  58. Football Season
  59. Mighty Morphin' Mutants
  60. An Oyster Stew

Season 2Edit

  1. The Mutiny, Part I
    • Lord Zedd invades Rita's palace and brings forth an attack on Angel Grove.
  2. The Mutiny, Part II
  3. The Mutiny, Part III
  4. The Wanna-Be Ranger
  5. Putty on the Brain
  6. Bloom of Doom
  7. The Green Dream
  8. The Power Stealer
  9. The Beetle Invasion
  10. Welcome to Venus Island
  11. The Song Of Guitardo
  12. Green No More, Part I
  13. Green No More, Part II
    • Tommy loses the Green Ranger Powers.
  14. Missing Green
    • Jason is still depressed over the disappearance of Tommy.
  15. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
  16. Beauty and the Beast
  17. White Light, Part I
    • The knowledge of a White Ranger is introduced.
  18. White Light, Part II
    • Tommy comes back as the White Ranger and helps the other Rangers send Rita back to the moon.
  19. Two for One
  20. Opposites Attract
    • The last episode with the actors Austin St. John, Walter Jones, and Thuy Trang on set.
  21. Zedd's Monster Mash
  22. The Ninja Encounter, Part I
    • Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are introduced.
  23. The Ninja Encounter, Part II
  24. The Ninja Encounter, Part III
  25. A Monster of Global Proportions
  26. Zedd Waves
  27. The Power Transfer, Part I
  28. The Power Transfer, Part II
    • Jason, Zack, and Trini give up their powers to go to the Peace Conference. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha become rangers.
  29. Goldar's Vice-Versa
    • The only episode with American Scorpina footage.
  30. Mirror of Regret
  31. When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
  32. Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
  33. Lights, Camera, Action
  34. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
  35. Scavenger Hunt
  36. The Great Bookala Escape
  37. Forever Friends
  38. A Reel Fish Story
  39. Rangers Back in Time, Part I
  40. Rangers Back in Time, Part II
  41. The Wedding, Part I
    • Rita returns.
  42. The Wedding, Part II
  43. The Wedding, Part III
  44. Return of the Green Ranger, Part I
  45. Return of the Green Ranger, Part II
  46. Return of the Green Ranger, Part III
  47. Best Man for the Job
  48. Storybook Rangers, Part I
  49. Storybook Rangers, Part II
  50. Wild West Rangers, Part I
  51. Wild West Rangers, Part II
  52. Blue Ranger Gone Bad

Season 3Edit

  1. A Friend in Need, Part I
  2. A Friend in Need, Part II
  3. A Friend in Need, Part III
  4. Ninja Quest, Part I
    • Introduces Rito Revolto.
  5. Ninja Quest, Part II
  6. Ninja Quest, Part III
    • Introduces Ninjor and the Ninja Power.
  7. Ninja Quest, Part IV
  8. A Brush with Destiny
  9. Passing the Lantern
  10. Wizard for a Day
  11. Fourth Down and Long
  12. Stop the Hate Master, Part I
  13. Stop the Hate Master, Part II
  14. Final Face-Off
  15. The Potion Notion
  16. A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I
    • Introduces Kat.
  17. A Ranger Catastrophe, Part II
  18. Changing of the Zords, Part I
  19. Changing of the Zords, Part II
  20. Changing of the Zords, Part III
    • Introduces the Shogun Zords.
  21. Follow that Cab!
  22. A Different Shade of Pink, Part I
  23. A Different Shade of Pink, Part II
  24. A Different Shade of Pink, Part III
    • Kimberly leaves for the Pan Global Games. Kat becomes the Pink Ranger.
  25. Rita's Pita
  26. Another Brick in the Wall
  27. A Chimp in Charge
  28. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I
    • Introduces Master Vile and the Zeo Crystal.
  29. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II
  30. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III
  31. I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
  32. The Sound of Dischordia
  33. Rangers in Reverse
    • The Earth is turned back in time. The Rangers become children.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (Mini Series)Edit

  1. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1
  2. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2
  3. Climb Every Fountain
  4. The Alien Trap
  5. Attack of the 60' Bulk
    • Zordon reveals the Zeo Quest.
  6. Water You Thinking?
    • The Zeo Quest starts. Rocky searches for his crystal.
  7. Along Came a Spider
    • Adam searches for his crystal.
  8. Sowing the Seas of Evil
    • Tommy and Kat search for their crystals.
  9. Hogday Afternoon, Part I
  10. Hogday Afternoon, Part II
    • Hydrohog is destroyed. Aisha decides to stay in Africa. Tanya goes to Angel Grove with the Crystal. The Earth is restored, Tanya becomes a teenager, and the Rangers are returned to normal. However, The Command Center is destroyed.

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  • Jason, Zach, Tommy, and Trini knew martial arts.
  • Mighty Morphin has the most rangers, 20 rangers.