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Galaxy Crimson
Crimson Ranger
Patrick "Pat" Corbett
Gender: Male
Season: Lost Galaxy
Color(s): Crimson
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Quasar Quest (1)
Last Appearance: Legendary Battle
Number of Episode
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Actor: Patrick Hilker
de: Patrick Corbett

fr: Patrick Corbett

"Galaxy Crimson!"

Patrick "Pat" Corbett is the temporary Purple Galaxy Ranger and the Crimson Galaxy Ranger. He is also the brother of Leo Corbett, the Red Galaxy Ranger and Mike Corbett, the second Magna Defender. 

Character HistoryEdit

Patrick Corbett has two older brother who are in Mirinoi with the rest of the Lost Galaxy Rangers. His grandfather is the coach for the legendary Dogwood Eleven. He has a brother who is one of the legendary America's soccer player.


He is American, with short blonde hair. Patrick wore a purple shirt with blue jeans. He wore a special necklace. In the beach, he wore purple swimming truck. He wore a Transmorpher on his left wrist. At the end of the first season, he wore a dark red shirt with blue jeans.   

He wore the Vongola Ring on his finger in the second season. In the beach he wore dark red swimming truck. In the battle between Vongola Famiglia and Milliefore Famiglia in Choice, he wore a black suit with a dark red button shirt. 


Patrick is described as a soccer loving, cheerful goalkeeper. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. In the battlefield, he fights for his family and his friends.



  • Bear Galactabeast


  • Transmorpher
  • Quasar Saber
  • Transdagger
  • Quasar Launchers

  • Data Link Digivice
    • Digivice Burst
  • Digimon Natural Ability (D.N.A.)
  • Comm. Link Device
  • Memory Eraser

  • Sky Vongola Ring (Original Vongola Ring)
  • X-Gloves, Version Vongola Ring
  • Contact Lenses
  • X-Headphones
  • Sky Vongola Box
    • Natsu (Leone di Cieli Version Vongola)
  • Sky Flame

  • Hyper Dying Will Mode


  • Patrick and Andy are best friends. (in the future)
  • Character Songs Featured In:
    • ​Yakusoko no Basho e
    • Yakusoko no Basho e - vs. Millefiore
    • Tsuna Life
    • Mirai no Oozora e
    • RIGHT NOW (with Jake)

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