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Power Rangers Forever is a fanfiction by Lightspeed Rescue1, set in the year 2013. 


This takes place in Universe Sigma where people and Pokemon lives in peace. 


The main characters of this series are Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart

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It is not known how many episodes/seasons Power Rangers Forever will have. 

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There are new hissatsu techniques that are learned and shown in the anime, at the same time, there are some hissatsu shown from the previous series also.


There are new teams shown in Power Rangers Forever, and some teams still remain though with new members. 

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"Keshin" are a new feature shown in the anime. It is the “avatar” of the person and is used in various matches in Keshin Battle.  

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"Soul" are a new feature shown in the anime. Also known as Beast Powers, the Souls first appeared in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament, used by both Earth Eleven and the alien teams they faced. Souls can make their users transform into animals temporarily and gain new hissatsu.

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There are new opening songs and new ending songs for the anime.

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  • There will be a game based on the fanfic.